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Do The Right Thing Film Essay


Free Essays, Movie The film Do the Right Thing was a story of the neighborhood of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York. A mostly African-American neighborhood, everything seemed to be peaceful at the beginning of the hottest day of the year.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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The movie Do the Right Thing, composed, coordinated and created by Spike Lee, concentrates on a solitary day of the lives of racially differing individuals who live and work in a lower-class neighborhood in Brooklyn New York. Notwithstanding, this common day happens on one of the most sizzling days of summer.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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Do the Right Thing Film Analysis “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. ” (Martin Luther King Jr.).


Do the Right Thing, is set in Brooklyn, New York during the nineteen eighties in a low-class neighborhood during one the hottest days of the summer. The focus of the film is on how economic superiority and race affects the moral decisions that the characters make how it has a direct effect on the way people interact with each other.

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As perceptive critics have observed in the years since its release, “Do the Right Thing” is a deeply dialectical film in many ways, from its self-questioning conclusion to its inventive use of basic narrative film techniques.

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According to Rotten Tomato critics Stuart Klawans says “Do the Right Thing is Lee's most complex, heartfelt and disturbing film to date.”The audience felt as though the film is smart, vibrant, and urgent without being didactic. Spike Lee portrays stereotypes by using visual images to represent the different racial groups in the film.

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Do The Right Thing:. The story is centred only one hot day, when the better between the two ethnicities boils over and spills into violence, only eventually death. In this essay, I will analyze how the film depicts the power dynamics thing the context of race and police authority.


This essay aims to examine how the concept of “Right” thing has been developed citing examples from the film. How the concept of the “right’ thing has been developed in the film Spike Lee has made a deliberate attempt in the scene to develop the concept “right” thing in a manner that delivers a true meaning to distinguish good from evil.

Close Reading Paper 1: A Movie Trailer A matter of interest of the film “Do the Right Thing” would be racial issues. Racism is hardly talked about, but is very pertinent in society. This film exposed racial tension within a particular community; however, this type of activity happens frequently throughout the world. A close look at the movie’s original trailer shows that it reflects this.


Keywords: do the right thing research essay 'Do the right thing' is one of the better films created by Writer, Director, designer, and star Spike Lee in 1989, which explored the problem of biasness and discrimination of the African-American area of New york called Brooklyn. This movie was nominated for 2 Oscars Accolades and other and it.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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In Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” he questions his characters to “do the right thing”. This then becomes the essential theme of the movie. The movie focuses around a neighborhood in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn and its community made up of mostly African-Americans and Puerto Ricans. The center focal point in the movie is a pizzeria business, Italian owned, called Sal’s Famous Pizzeria. The.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay


Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing focuses on scenes representing failed communication, dire stereotyping, absence of trust, and wrongful violence that reflects the existing concerns about racism in America. The intense language and strong gestures enhance the film creating a realistic view for the audience.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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The movie Do the Right Thing is a movie about a neighborhood that suffers from lack of diversity. On a hot day, these tensions boil over and every thing race, hatred, and envy comes out. It all starts with Spike Lee working in Sals pizzeria. He is the only one of his friends to have a job.

Do The Right Thing Film Essay

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Spike Lee’s film “Do the right thing” is an honest film that reflects the interaction of racially different people. I found the movie honest because Lee does not give a fake picture of the issue of racism in society but rather paints the right picture of racial relations in the US. The movies take place in an African American neighborhood during a hot day. The residents in this.

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