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If Deckard is indeed a replicant, then the film implies that humanity is what makes a person human - and that our lives are all short, and we must live them as fully as possible. If Deckard is NOT a replicant, he is still a man who is in love with a machine, but he cares about her more than he has ever cared about a human being.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Deckard’s journey is equally tragic either way; it is just as horrifying for him to be a human who starts to question his humanity because he empathizes with his replicant victims, as it is for him to realize that he is a replicant who is killing his own kind, and therefore equally a slave. But why weren’t we told specifically either way?

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Ridley Scott, the director, has emphatically stated that Deckard was meant to be a Replicant. However, Harrison Ford has contended that during filming, the role of Deckard was always discussed- and acted- as being human.


Dude Looks like a Replicant Rick Deckard is the movie's protagonist, but he's kind of a puzzling guy—more so than many of the other characters. Yeah, it seems like he's the hero, but his job as a blade runner is to kill replicants, who are essentially runaway slaves. He may kill them reluctantly but he kills them nonetheless.

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This indicates that deckard is a replicant. The creation plan of the unicorn outlook is extremely striking. As with lots of other scenes in the film, it is visually puzzling. However, as with all outlooks we have to inquire, is this outlook more associated with the visual feature of the movie, or does it supply sufficient awareness to the tales side. The primary shot of this sight is a.

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Although Deckard is supposedly human he at times shows less emotion than Roy. He seems heartless and uncompassionate making himself look very unhuman. We see that Deckard is possibly not “human” as well, but a replicant. He shows no compassion when he tells Rachel of her being a replicant with implants.

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Deckard is an officer in the LAPD and his title is know as a blade runner. The purpose of Blade Runners is hunt down bioengineered beings known as replicants and “retire” (kill) them. In the scene Deckard is giving Rachel a test the blade runners give to members of society to determine if the are a replicant.


Syd Mead, the film's visual futurist, agrees with Scott that Deckard is a replicant. The disagreement among the people involved in making Blade Runner raises interesting questions about authorial intent, including who, if anyone, can make authoritative pronouncements about a film's interpretation.

In Blade Runner, number 3 is obviously Deckard, as the film follows his story. But numbers 1 and 2 question this. Although Deckard can be viewed as hero, Roy Batty could also fill this role. Roy Batty is the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants. He is a combat model replicant, used for off-world military service. He is the “prodigal son.


The most notable difference between the novel and the film is probably the absence of the term “blade runner.” The movie title was actually inspired by the name of a 1979 William S. Burroughs novella, however in the book, Deckard is simply referred to as a bounty hunter. The word “replicant” never shows up either. That catchy name was.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Of the three main arguments of Deckard being a replicant, that one represents the strongest indication. (The two other arguments are the confusion of whom the 6th replicant is, and the fact that Roy knew Deckard name.) Gaff's origami figure suggests that Gaff knew of Deckard's memories. And therefore Deckard's memory has to be artificial.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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First, Rachael is revealed to be a replicant after being subjected to a lengthy Voight-Kampff test by Deckard and second, Deckard begins to fall in love with Rachael over the course of his search for the missing replicants.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Harrison Ford: There was a bit of contest between Ridley and I over whether or not Deckard, the character I played, was a, was a replicant or not, and erm, erm, Ridley preserved his options, erm and he did at the end indicate, er, er, with one little, erm, bit of origami, erm, that er, that Deckard may in fact be a replicant. From myself, I, I, I felt that it was important for the audience to.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Main Character Resolve When Deckard is told a replicant is bad and to retire it, that’s just what he does, no questions asked. But when he’s told to retire Rachael, his love for her overcomes his duty and he escapes with her.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Although Deckard can be viewed as hero, Roy Batty could also fill this role. Roy Batty is the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants. He is a combat model replicant, used for off-world military service. He is the “prodigal son” of Eldon Tyrell, Roy comes to Earth seeking his father, to ask for longer like, and then to ask forgiveness.

Is Deckard A Replicant Essay Contest

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Which is essentially this, whether Deckard is human or a replicant is a reflection of ourselves. If we are pessimistic about the human condition Deckard is a Replicant, if we are optimistic he is human, and if we are neutral or unsure. then we sit on the fence. Deckard's nature becomes a reflection of our philosophical position on humanity.

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