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University Wits Essay

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The University Wits were a group of late 16th century English playwrights who were educated at the universities (Oxford or Cambridge) and who became playwrights and popular secular writers.

University Wits Essay

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University Wits Essay University wits The University Wits were a group of late 16th century English playwrights who were educated at the universities (Oxford or Cambridge) and who became playwrights and popular secular writers.

University Wits Essay

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The university wits include Christopher Marlowe, Robert Greene, and Thomas Nashe (all graduates of Cambridge), as well as Thomas Lodge and George Peele (both of Oxford). Another of the wits, though not university-trained, was Thomas Kyd. Preceded by John Lyly (an Oxford man), they prepared the way for William Shakespeare.


Join now to read essay The University Wits THE UNIVERSITY WITS: The growing popularity and diversity of the drama, its secularization, and the growth of a class of writers who were not members of holy orders led in the 16th century to a new literary phenomenon, the secular professional playwright.

The University Wits: John Lyly, Thomas Kyd, George Peele.

The University Wits Essay. 2204 Words 9 Pages. The University Wits The Elizabethan Era((1550-1630) is credited for bringing about major developments in English Literature especially in the area of drama. The evolution of drama from the miracle plays of the middle ages and the rediscovery of Roman and Greek theatre and the setting up of theatres along with the favorable outlook of the Queen.


The drama before Shakespeare, found its full flowering with the dramatists called the 'University Wits'. These dramatists were well-educated scholars. They wrote in the closing years of the 16’Th century. This name of University Wits was given them because they were nearly all educated at Oxford or Cambridge University. Wit was the synonym for scholar. All the University Wits have several.

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University Wits noun (used with a plural verb) a name given to an Elizabethan group of university-trained playwrights and pamphleteers, among them Robert Greene, John Lyly, Thomas Nash, and George Peele.


Read More History of English Literature (Essay) It was on account of their associations with the two universities that they were called University wits. They were fully undersea the influence of the Renaissance that was in its full bloom during their time.

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University Wits Essay

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University Wits Essay

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University Wits Essay

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University Wits Essay

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UNIVERSITY WITS About twenty years after Gorboduc, in about 1580, the first of the University Wits appeared on the English stage. The Wits were a group of seven young writers, bred in the traditions of the classical drama and educated at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. (1) John Lyly, the first of the seven to enter the field, stands apart from the others in that he wrote entirely for.

University Wits Essay

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University Wits Essay

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