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Why animals should not be in circuses.

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Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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Taking advantage of animals and using them for our own entertainment is generally degrading to the animal kingdom, leading to an increase in animal abuse in general. There are many circuses without animals that are extremely entertaining and successful. So why, you may ask, does the abuse continue? The answer is simple.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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Animal rights, a controversial topic that has been present since 1975, continues to be present today in forms of entertainment. Circuses for example have been known for the constant mistreatment and abuse of their animals. With most animals being housed in inadequate living spaces, or put through intense training procedures.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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The wild animals commonly abused in circuses are extremely stressed by circus conditions. The loud noise of the music, the cheers of the crowd and the dizzying lights all disorientate and cause stress to wild animals. Over prolonged periods this can result in abnormal behaviours and health problems related to anxiety.


Abuse of Animals in the Circus Since the start of the modern day circus in the early 20th century millions of Americans have loved the performances from both the people and the animals that work for our entertainment. However, the viewer is blinded by shock and awe of the series from what actually happens behind the curtain.

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Animals face cruelty and abuse mainly in three forms in the circuses, which may be familiar to those of zoos. The first is the captivity life where animals in circuses are annexed from their natural habitat, to live a life of travelling with the circus staff.

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It is a lie, circus animals are abused. They are beaten, whipped, chained by their ankles, made to live the majority of their existence in cages and are subjected to psychological torture by the very people who call them “family”. When animals are made to perform unnatural acts in taxing environments everyone suffers.

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Animal cruelty is like a disease, it just won’t stop, students I will now tell you all my last argument which is why animal cruelty should be abolished. Classmates imagine your eyes being blinded, your skin being burnt off of your bones, your hair being ripped off or your legs or arms being torn apart. In today’s cruel society, there are millions of animals that do not have the privileges.


Ten Fast Facts about Animals in the Circus 1. Every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set forth in the United States Animal Welfare Act (AWA). 2. Animals in circuses spend about 11 months of the year traveling.

What to Write in an Animal Cruelty Essay. Animal Cruelty is a controversial issue that happens all over the world. It is a hard topic to read, and more so to write about because it focuses on the violence and abuse committed against animals. When writing an issue concerning a controversial topic like Animal Cruelty, it is important to know what.


View Notes - Animal Abuse Outline from CIS 150 at Wake Tech. Nikki Nodelman INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Topic: Animal abuse and neglect General Purpose: To Inform my audience. Specific Purpose: To.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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BREAKING: Welsh Government Votes to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses. The ban will come into effect on 1st December. Read more. Welsh Wild Animal Circus Ban Progresses. The ban of wild animals in circuses in Wales is almost here! Read more. Animals From Closed Devon Zoo To Be Rehomed. It is thought that many animals will be transferred to overseas.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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We're campaigning for a complete ban of wild animals used in circuses - add your voice. Do circuses still use animals? From January 2020 in England, the use of wild animals in circuses is banned under the Wild Animals in Circuses Act 2019. When the current license expired, the ban was put into effect. In Wales, there's currently no licensing.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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Secret cameras have filmed lions, tigers and elephants being beaten, starved and confined in tiny cages at circuses across Britain. The recordings, taken at five circuses over an 18 month period.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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Animal captivity can be defined as an animal living under human care in an enclosed are. Examples of these captive environments are zoos, aquariums, and circuses. It should be banned because of abuse, effects on the animals and financial gain. The abuse that takes place on these animals is not just physical, but it is mental as well.

Animal Abuse In Circuses Essay Outline

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The MSPCA is opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses and traveling shows because of the abusive training inflicted on the animals, the near-constant confinement and chaining endured by the animals while not performing, and the risk posed to public health and public safety.

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