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Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Undue influence maybe presumed where there is a pre active relationship of confidence between two parties to a contract as a result of which one places trust in the other and the contract between them is unfavourable to the party who places trust In the other. The facts of the given case are as follows.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Since undue influence is an equitable doctrine, the criteria set to define it ought to only provide a framework for judges to exercise their jurisdiction. Hence, it allows them to assess cases flexibly based on the particulate facts provided rather than looking at undue influence as a common law doctrine and applying the rules set strictly.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Actual undue influence Presumed undue influence which can be categorised as Protected relationships - pre-determined presumptions as to relationships which will give rise to a presumed influence Other cases - relationships in which influence can be presumed, but is not automatically done so.


Welcome to the fifth lesson of this module guide - duress and undue influence! These doctrines both provide a means for an individual to avoid an already concluded contract. These doctrines operate where the individual has been forced or coerced into a contract by threats, unfair pressures or unreasonable influences.

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Undue influence is divided into actual undue influence and presumed undue influence. Where a contract is found to be entered into as a result of undue influence, this will render the contract voidable. This will enable the person influenced to have the contract set aside as against a party who subjected the other to such influence.

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As per the Contract Act 1872, duress and undue influence are two separate legal terms that makes a contract voidable. Duxbury, (2009) stated that duress is the situation when one party has forced using threat of violence, the other party to enter into contract. In certain circumstances, the party may not willingly enter into a contract; however, if the other party creates wrongful pressure on.

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Etridge involved a wife claiming that she had charged her interest in the matrimonial home as a result of the undue influence of her husband. Whilst the decision has to some extent clarified the scope of the solicitors' duties and set out what is required of the lender this arrangement does still present all parties with exposure to risk and this has not in any way been reduced following the.


This essay will explain compare and critique the approaches discussed in Wilkson and Etridge, by considering a situation in which the contract in question is between a guarantor alleging undue influence, and a third party lender for example a bank; with the influencing party being the debtor and not a party to the guarantee contract. However many other kinds of contracts can be subject to.

In English law, undue influence is a form of contract and property law which enables a contract to be set aside. In order to submit a challenge to any type of contract as being entered into under undue influence, it is not possible to simply demonstrate that one individual was influenced by another.


It is of great importance that parties to a contract enter into the agreement voluntarily rather than as a result of pressure which is called duress or manipulation which is called undue influence. The basis of a contract, a legally binding contract is founded upon the parties giving their free consent to be bound by the terms of the agreement.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

Law of Contract: Undue Influence Essay - 3658 Words.

What is duress and undue influence in contract law? Duress and undue influence. Duress and undue influence essentially means that a person or party has been forced into a contract. The contract cannot be considered to be a valid agreement under these circumstances. Under common law, there are two doctrines to consider: duress and undue influence.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Professor Todd has given me great insight into the topic of undue influence and has challenged me to look beyond established conclusions. I would like to thank Associate Professor Maree Chetwin for her continued help and support. She has always been available for general discussion and to help me refocus my attention. I would like to thank the Law Library staff at Canterbury University for.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Of the three options, duress, undue influence and unconscionability, K should allege undue influence. Duress is not applicable because L did not apply illegitimate pressure which vitiated K’s consent in order to induce her to enter into the contract 1. Unconscionability is not available because it is unlikely that K will be able to persuade the court that she falls into one of the three.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Instead it argues that illegitimate pressure alone is a harm that should be addressed regardless of the contractual outcome. Harrison, Jeffrey Lynch, Duress and Undue Influence in Contract Law as Cognitive Trespass: An Essay (September 17, 2019). Posted in Contract, Unconscionability and Unfair Terms Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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Undue Influence In Contract Law. 1250 Words 5 Pages. Introduction Undue influence is a vital concept under the contract law. It exists in situations where one party to a contract entered into an agreement with the other party due to the result of pressure exerted to him by that other party. The innocent party who has been subjected to the pressure may then seek an action to set aside the said.

Undue Influence Contract Law Essay Topics

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We will write a custom essay sample on Contract Law or any topic specifically for you. There is no undue influence unless the donor if she were free and informed, could say “ This is not my wish but I must do it” .Mr Wadlow invited Seal in the 1980s to record some songs at Beethoven Street Recording Studios. But in 1988 Seal signed a printing deal with Mr Wadlow's publishing company and.

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