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How to Teach Direct and Indirect Speech: 9 Steps (with.

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Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

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ESL Direct Speech to Reported Speech Game - Reading and Matching Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 20 minutes In this free reported speech teaching activity, students play a pelmanism game where they change direct speech into reported speech. Give each group of three a set of direct speech cards and a set of reported speech cards.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct and Indirect Exercises With Answers - Quoted and.

Direct and indirect speech exercises for esl. Reported speech exercises. Reported statements in English.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

English Exercises: Direct speech and reported speech.

In order to do this, you can use the grammar structure named indirect or reported speech. direct and indirect rules have already talked about, below we have prepared direct and indirect exercises with answers for ESL learners. Also Read: Direct And Indirect Speech Complete Rules; Direct and Indirect Objects Exercise With Answers; Direct and Indirect Exercises. Attempt the exercises below then.


Direct and indirect speech can be a source of confusion for English learners. Let's first define the terms, then look at how to talk about what someone said, and how to convert speech from direct to indirect or vice-versa. You can answer the question What did he say? in two ways: by repeating the words spoken (direct speech).

Reported speech games worksheets - ESL Printables.

Learning Games; Topmarks Apps; Topmarks Blog; Find great educational resources. Search. Browse by subject and age group. Go. Share this page: The Parts of Speech. This site explains the eight parts of speech classified in traditional grammar: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. Pupils. Not Flash. 14-16 year olds. Parts of Speech Tutorial. Create.

Direct speech and indirect speech explained for primary.

The indirect and direct speech also differ in point of views. The point of view of the direct speech is that of the speaker. Whereas, the point of view of indirect speech is that of the listener. Difference In Usage. Indirect and direct speech have a difference in usage as well. Direct speech is used when we want the reader to know what exactly was said by the speaker. No change in the speech.

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As universal and widely-talked about this may be, direct and indirect speech is more profound and intriguing than it seems to be. Our direct and reported speech worksheets help 8th grade and high school students iron out any confusion they have in the topic, and enable them to immaculately convert direct to indirect and vice versa. Witness students putting their heart and soul into this unique.


When changing direct speech into indirect speech, changes have to be made to a sentence. For example: Verb tenses usually shift back a tense (into the past) Word order often needs to change; Pronouns often need to change; Words indicating place and time need to change; By Year 6 children should be setting out speech and punctuating it correctly in their stories. In fiction indirect speech can.

Direct Speech To Indirect Speech. Displaying all worksheets related to - Direct Speech To Indirect Speech. Worksheets are Direct and indirect speech, Direct indirect speech, Direct and indirect speech work, Direct indirect speech, Basics of direct indirect speech, Reported speech, Direct speech, Quotedandreportedspeech.


Oct 22, 2017 - A unit set of worksheets with answers on direct and indirect speech with 6 sessions on teaching and learning based on New Bloom's Taxonomy.After completing this unit students will be able to:SESSION 1: REMEMBERING - Recall the parts of a sentence that contain exact words spoken or reported words.SES.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct Speech To Indirect Speech Worksheets - Lesson.

This KS2 English quiz challenges you on indirect speech. Indirect speech can also be called 'reported speech', which explains its meaning very well. If someone has spoken to you and you tell someone else what she or he said, you are using indirect speech. Too much dialogue in your writing can be confusing (and boring for the reader), so it's important to practise using reported speech.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct Speech - Speech Marks - Primary Source.

This workbook is a complete self-learning companion for your students to learn Direct and Indirect Speech. Designed by teachers with over 20 years of experience, this workbook is a very detailed journey into understanding each and every concept, following a 'knowledge map' approach. The.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Reported Speech Exercises - Learning English.

Direct and Indirect Speech are also called Direct and Indirect Narrations. Understanding Direct and Indirect Speech - Differences. Direct Speech: In direct speech, the actual words (with no change) of speaker are quoted. The exact words (or actual words) of the speaker are enclosed in Inverted Commas or Quotation Marks. There is always a comma or a colon after “said” that introduces the.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct speech worksheets - ESL Printables.

Sentence synthesis is about putting the original information together but in a different way. For different types of questions, there are different things to look out for when stringing the information together. Today, we will look at one of the hot favourites in examinations, transforming of direct speech to indirect (or reported) speech.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct and indirect speech: worksheets with answers - 23.

Two students apeech such a problem with each other that they are refusing to speak, and another student shuttles Grammar games direct indirect speech them trying Grammar games direct indirect speech find a compromise. This can also be used for non-conflict negotiations such as premarital contracts or price negotiations.

Direct And Indirect Speech Online Activities

Direct and Indirect Speech Year 5 Ready to Write Resource.

What is indirect speech or reported speech? When we tell people what another person said or thought, we often use reported speech or indirect speech. To do that, we need to change verb tenses (present, past, etc.) and pronouns (I, you, my, your, etc.) if the time and speaker are different.For example, present tenses become past, I becomes he or she, and my becomes his or her, etc.

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