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West Bengal Santhal Dance - Santhal Dance of West Bengal.

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Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

Folk Dances of West Bengal -

The Santhal tribe of Bengal are known for their intriguing Santhal dance. Our host was enthralled by the Santhal dance since childhood, and especially their dance attire.And now she explores more about it from the Santhal people themselves. Host: “For how long you’ve been performing the Santhal dance?”.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

Important Tribal Uprising that took Place in India - Essay.

Santhal Tribes enjoy and love dancing. Dancing is one activity which is in their blood. It forms an important part of the Santhals fairs and festivals. Santhals relax themselves with the light music music and dance after the long day hard work.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

West Bengal Dances - West Bengal Folk Dances, Folk Dances.

The Santhal dance is considered to be one of the best tribal folk dances of India, which offers immense vibrancy and cheerfulness. This dance is supposed to be a replica of the folk dance of Madhya Pradesh. Santhal dance is generally performed by both the men and women of the Santhali tribe. It often covers issues related to gender and land.


Abstract: The social unity of Santhal in Bengal is very strong and durable. They observe their festivals though there are many difficulties, calamities and troubles in their lives and livelihoods. Though the interest to celebrate the festivals is decreasing now yet they have tried to hold on to their customs, cultures- the main string of social unity through celebrating of their festivals.

West Bengal Dance and Music, Folk Dance West Bengal.

Santhal Dance Santhal is one of the most abundantly found tribes in India. A major chunk of this tribe can be found in West Bengal and Jharkhand. Santhal tribe has a rich cultural lineage and immense solidarity.

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One of the folk dances of West Bengal, it is a traditional and devotional form of dance. This dance is performed by the devout devotees of Goddess Shakthi. This dance has undergone various changes over time and this lead to the Muslim community to become a custodian of this dance.

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Santhali dance is a popular folk dance practiced by Santhal tribes in Jharkhand.This dance form has attained popularity all across India and also has been featured in many reputed Bengali cinemas like 'Agantuk' by Satyajit Ray. This folk dance not only projects the culture or traditions of the local tribes but also showcases the strength of unity.


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This is a devotional folk dance of West Bengal which holds a special place in Bengali culture. This folk dance is performed specially during Chadak festival in the month of March-April. It is much popular in North Bengal, especially in Malda district. This dance is a solo performance in which the participant wears a mask while performing. In this dance there are two main dancers and a chorus.


These areas came under the Bengal Presidency whose rule passed onto the British after the Battle of Plassey in 1757. The Santhal life was disrupted by the onslaught of the Zamindari system that they introduced. They were rendered landless bonded labourers in their own homes. The local landlords occupied the Santhal lands and exploited them.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

Santhal Rebellion - Who were Santhals and What was Santhal.

Performance—this dance was performed by the Santhal tribes during all special festivals and occasions.This dance not only reveals the culture or traditions of the local tribes but also showcases the strength of unity. The main attraction of the Santhal dance in Jharkhand is the colorful costumes worn by the tribal people.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

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Baul Monn, Santiniketan Picture: Santhal dance inside Hotel - Check out Tripadvisor members' 3,012 candid photos and videos.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

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A brief-but-powerful tale of power and powerlessness, it tells of a penurious Santhal family on its annual work-related migration from Jharkhand to West Bengal. The family is waiting for a train.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

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The Santali dance and music is tuned with the nature of occasion whether it is social or ceremonial. The three most quintessential instruments in Santali music are two kinds of drums one Tumda and the other Tamak, besides Tiriao or flute. The Tumda is a double headed drum having the shape of a frustum, the drum skins at left and right are made of animal skins. The one at the left has bigger.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

What the ban on The Adivasi Will Not Dance tells us about.

Adivasi is the collective term for tribes of the Indian subcontinent, who are considered indigenous to places within India wherein they live, either as foragers or as tribalistic sedentary communities. The term is also used for ethnic minorities, such as Chakmas of Bangladesh, Tharus of Nepal, and Vedda of Sri Lanka. They comprise a substantial minority population of India, making up 8.6% of.

Essay On Santhal Dance Of Bengal

Traditional music instruments of the Santals at the Museum.

Many Santhal are employed in the coal mines near the city of Asansol, West Bengal, or in the steel factories in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, while others work during part of the year as paid agricultural labourers.In the villages the most important economic activity is the cultivation of rice. Each village is led by a hereditary headman assisted by a council of elders; he also has some religious and.

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